Queen B Calendar Girls 2024 Calendar

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Primrose Hospice

£10 from this Calendar purchase will go to Primrose Hospice


Bev Nibbs Queen B

A Message from Bev Nibbs . . .

 . . . "I set up the Queen B group in September 2021.

 As a Hypnotherapist and Breathwork Instructor many of the clients I was seeing during the summer of 2021 were women over 50 who found themselves struggling in a variety of ways following the threat of COVID and several lockdowns. I developed a passion to do something positive and my vision turned towards forming a group for like minded women over 50. I wanted to help more women at this age have more fun.

I began organising events so the Queen Bs could experience new challenges, adventures, make new friends whilst having a lot of FUN. We are building memories together that will last a lifetime. Our events are extremely varied: we have our own choir, 70’s disco dance classes, book club, cookery classes, crafts, paddleboarding, canoeing, golf, theatre trips, meals out, wellbeing retreats, climbing mountains and we have even tried pole dancing, the list goes on.

The Queen B group is a huge success, a thriving community and it’s all down to the awesome women who joined. I am so proud and grateful to them for believing in me and my idea. We are having such a great time together and building lifelong friendships too. We are always welcoming of new members. Follow the QR code on our testimonials page to find us on Facebook.

And so, the Calendar. I had been thinking how amazing it would be for the Queen Bs to create their own version of the Calendar, it was no surprise that when I suggested it to them, I just heard a resounding YES!!!!! The rest is history as we are here, and I am so proud of everyone involved."

“The Queen Bs have no idea how much I value their contribution and friendship”


Premier Paper Group

massive thank you to Dave Jones from Premier Paper Group for the generosity in covering the cost of the material and production of this calendar enabling us to raise even more funds for Primrose Hospice. So much appreciation to you for your kindness.


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their help and contribution in the production of this Calendar: